Meditation is a Process

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Meditation is a process for restoring the balance, harmony and memory of wholeness throughout the mind-body system.

The act of stilling the mind and quieting the body. It takes you out of the conditioned mind to the unconditioned mind.  It is listening to that small voice within. We all have it! Regular practice will change how you respond to life! You will respond with clarity and wisdom. It promotes a conscious response rather than a reaction... a knee jerk reaction.

You can be the observer. More reflective than reflexive. Less impulsive and more intuitive.

Before I began my practice I was a reactor. Ready to defend and battle at any moment. Meditation showed me that a defense is a form of attack. Now I have the opportunity to listen first, observe and give  a better, more peaceful response. Amazing how the conflicts in my life began to decrease. Not to be confused with being passive... it is a peaceful approach, where I can maintain my vales while maintaining my peaceful mind and body.

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