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Ready to Love your Life?

Life Coaches help provide clarity on recognizing and achieving  your dreams. Many of us often feel stuck, longing and discontent in at least one area of our lives and do not know how to get to the core of these feelings in order to create a meaningful permanent change. I can help to clarify these desires and guide you to transforming them into your reality. To provide motivation & accountability along the way.

A Life Coach helps you tap into the power within you. This is not therapy. This is about focusing on your choices in how to use this power to create the life you want! To transform areas in you life, including health, career, relationships, prosperity & abundance. You can have it all!

Work with Me

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Life Coaching

Strength & Healing

We all have times in our life where we need a new perspective. A fresh approach, or a new process. To let go of what does not serve us and focus on what does.


Controlled Concentration

This 3,500 year old  practice of stilling the mind offers deep and lasting benefits for mental functioning, emotional health and physical health.

Upcoming Events

Community and Connection

Join me in person with other like-minded beings to create a tribe of support and connection.

Meet Lori

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Lori Schuck Barresi is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Masters of Wisdom, Deeper Still, Meditation Teacher. 


Nationally recognized for her work with individuals, groups and corporations, Lori is focused on supporting clients better connect to themselves and with their surroundings. She offers private sessions and group retreats, so that clients can achieve tools to LOVE YOUR LIFE.


When I first met Lori I felt an immediate connection to her. She has the capacity to sense what is really going on inside somebody. She can connect very deeply and quickly to individuals. Take this and couple it  with her knowledge of business and this equals a fantastic coach. She is very knowledgeable and in tune with the spiritual and mindful way of life.  I recommend her highly!

K.S - Detroit, MI


Lori has been leading our spiritual retreats since 2010, always a sell out! She is a dynamic and inspiring leader. She had lead us in some of the most prolific meditations and spiritual experiences. A retreat with Lori is thought provoking, spiritual and a whole lot of fun!   

C.F.  - Tucson, AZ


Lori Barresi has been my life coach for a couple of years now and has ALWAYS given me terrific ideas and methods to cope with normal life. Her suggestions are practical an easy to use. She has led me to meditations that are always useful and effective. With her business guidance, we were 6 months ahead of the plan! She has my total trust.  

G.A. - Pawleys Island, SC


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