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Why Have a Life Coach?

We all have times in our life where we need a new perspective. A fresh approach, or a new process. To let go of what does not serve us and focus on what does. To have someone in our corner guiding and cheering us on and providing motivation for success and prosperity.

Why Lori?

During her prestigious 40+ year career, Lori has owned and operated three successful and diverse businesses before establishing “ Love Your Life” Coaching. They include a restaurant, a marketing/advertising  company and consulting firm specializing in the Federal  Dept of Transportation regulations. Also served on the executive management team at a major metropolitan hospital, enjoyed a successful career in sales, marketing and management in healthcare and earlier in restaurant management.   Her vast experience in business and in life has given her exceptional skills to pass on.

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Bring Yourself Back to Balance

Lori’s coaching touches the mind, body and spirit. All must be in sync for prosperity and abundance to maintain a consistent flow in one’s life. Becoming a Certified Life Coach in 2015 by the Fowler Academy, Lori has guided many to a fuller more prosperous and happy life. Together, you will examine all areas of your life, clarify dreams and execute a plan for you to achieve your dreams. Lori will help you discover the power within you to accomplish these goals and motivate you along the way.

Lori is available to assist you in discovering and fulfilling your life’s dreams. Call her today to schedule an introductory appointment. Coaching packages are designed to fit your needs.


I have known Lori Barresi for four years. It feels like a lifetime! That is how deep my connection to Lori is. Not only is she a dear friend, but she is a confidant, advisor, and coach.  When I first met Lori I felt an immediate connection to her. She has the capacity to sense what is really going on inside somebody. She can connect very deeply and quickly to individuals. Take this and couple it  with her knowledge of business and this equals a fantastic coach. She is very knowledgeable and in tune with the spiritual and mindful way of life. Not only is this helpful, but she’s also realistic and pragmatic! She is not “kooky”like some spiritual advisers are!  She is realistic and practical and down to earth. I have been in practice as a psychotherapist for over 30 years and Lori is able to give me another perspective that I was not able to achieve after years in therapy and martial arts. Better yet, now she is a good friend and I’m so fortunate! I recommend her highly!

K.S., Psychologist, Detroit, MI


Contact me and I will guide you into the stillness that only enhances life. We will find the technique that resonates most with you.

Complimentary consultation…in person or via skype or phone.

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