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Meditation is a process of quieting the mind to rediscover the stillness already there: the space between the thoughts. Meditation classes with Lori, you will be guided with a style that suits you and you will build the foundation to achieve greater peace, more loving relationships, better health and greater success.

Yoga at Home

Why Meditate

This 3,500 year old  practice of stilling the mind offers deep and lasting benefits for mental functioning, emotional health and physical health. Not only is it proven that regular meditation decreases your heart rate, normalize blood pressure, strengthen immunity and reduce stress hormones, but will actually shrink the amygdala!

According to a study by Harvard Medical School , University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts General Hospital. The amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for fear, anger and stress. In turn, it actually increases the hippocampus: the part of the brain responsible for learning, memory and spatial orientation.

In short, you will feel better, sleep better, make better choices, communicate better & improve your relationships!enhanced ability to solve problems and retain and recall information better.

Why I Meditate

After 22 years of searching for solutions through various substances, it created only more pain and suffering. Finding meditation changed that. I have been on this spiritual journey since 1990, discovering peace, love and joy everywhere. Meditation first allowed me to be in the present moment: quieting the “committee” in my head. Little by little, the fears left, the need to escape life vanished. Gratitude replaced resentment, stress has been replaced with contentment. Through my practice, I have healed the past and embrace each day. My life has flourished. I can assist you in finding more joy and love in your life.

I am certified to teach your Nakshatra Mantra: your birth star mantra. This is the name of the light of the star that was in line with the moon at the moment of your birth. A sound that will resonate deeply with in you.


Contact me and I will guide you into the stillness that only enhances life. We will find the technique that resonates most with you.

Groups and individuals…in person or via skype or phone.

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